Concrete Mafia Blocks For Sale NYC 

Concrete Mafia Blocks For Sale Free Delivery To Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, long Island and NJ

Big style concrete mafia blocks are used for an array of reasons. some contractors use them for retain walls in both standard raw look or Decretive concrete mafia blocks, meaning with a stone face impression that will make the job look classy and elegant at the same time.

Other common uses for Mafia Blocks include the following.

  1. Salt Bins
  2. Balusters For Sale
  3. Blockades
  4. Footings
  5. Retaining Walls
  6. Steps
  7. Concerts
  8. Events
  9. Venues
  10. Parks
  11. TV and Movie production companies

    Concrete Mafia Blocks for sale to the movie, tv and stage industry in NYC, We work with production companies to get them the style of blocks they want in their movies and TV shoots. We delivery big concrete blocks to all of NYC, Long Island and Parts of NJ, CT

    Concrete Mafia Blocks For Sale

    We have a proven track record of getting things done in a timely manner even with little to no notice. So if you’re in a jam and need to get a concrete mafia block delivery we got your back. All deliveries are loaded onto 18 wheel flatbed big rig trucks each truck can haul 14-16 Concrete Mafia blocks depending on the location to going to. When the truck arrives it is the responsibility of the client or purchaser to have the concrete blocks unloaded from the truck with their onsite forklifts or machines.

    We can handle big orders in record time turn around providing we are all on the same page on getting the ordered concrete blocks moving and payments are received in a timely manner.

    So if you are looking for concrete mafia blocks for sale please give Johnny Blocks a call at 516-232-3463 we look forward to working with you.

    For concrete Ready Mix Delivery call Frank at A1 Transit Mix at 718-292-3255 and for Mafia blocks call Johnny Blocks at 516-232-3464

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